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Join the LEADERSHIP ACTION NETWORK (LAN) for inspiration and connections to tackle your biggest leadership challenges

LAN meets for a breakfast once every two to three months with a different topic and speaker each time. Each session goes through our JumpShift DIAGNOSE - INSPIRE - YOUR ACTION process.

Some of our previous topics have included Tackling Leadership Gremlins, Kindness, Mindfulness, Storytelling for Leadership, Resilience for Change, Design Thinking For Leaders, Team Effectiveness, Leading Through Purpose, Leveraging Social/Digital Media for Leadership. 

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FRIDAY 3rd MAY 2019. 7:15am - 10:00am 


Two thirds of all change initiatives fail. Find out from the world's best how to change this.

Join us to hear guest speaker, Nick Petrie dial in from the United States to discuss his world renowned research on 'The Change Equation' at JumpShift's next Leadership Action Network breakfast this May. 

Discover the outcomes of Nick's groundbreaking research in successful organisations and cultural change based on years of working with major U.S corporations. 

Be one of the first in New Zealand to experience Nick's insights and new approach for implementing change to get the outcomes you desire. 

We anticipate over 100 people to attend this breakfast! 

Learn from the best, we look forward to seeing you there! Early-bird tickets are on sale until Friday 12th April. 

300 managers were asked to identify their greatest leadership challenge and there was one that stood out above all others: How to Lead Change.

The Change Equation helps organisations find the company-specific change leadership approach that best fits your specific culture. It won’t guarantee your leaders success on every project, but it will give them an edge. And if they are already competent leaders, an extra edge is probably all they need.


This breakfast event will discuss three key factors about a company's DNA that leaders should understand:

The Culture Quadrant describing your culture's change preferences

The Key Leader Behaviours associated with successful change in your organisation

The Right time and Right order to enact those behaviours


Nick helps organisations prepare for the future by creating cutting-edge leadership development solutions that help leaders be more: adaptable, resilient, and strategic. 

Some of his clients include: Delta, Walmart, Google, Workday, Salesforce, Deloitte, Comcast and NASA.

He has worked globally across industries including: engineering, tech, banking, pharmaceuticals, energy, law, accounting, construction and television. His specialty areas are: leading in complexity, lean leadership development (for busy managers), data driven change leadership, and resilience under pressure. He partners with clients in various roles: designer, deliverer, or advisor depending on the needs of each client.

Nick holds a Master’s degree from Harvard University and two undergraduate degrees from Otago University. He is the author of the book Work Without Stress: Building Resilient Mindset for Lasting Success.

He lives in Austin, Texas with his wife and four boys.

Hear from a longtime attendee

Desiree Botica, CEO of Sysdoc has been attending JumpShift's Leadership Action Network from it's inception. Check out what she has to say about the value that these sessions hold for her. 

LAN principles

  • BENEFIT: Every event provides direct benefit
  • ACTION: We will build our success and network through doing worthwhile things, not just talking
  • ACCOUNTABLE: We hold other members of the Leadership Action Network accountable to do what we say we will

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