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Join the LEADERSHIP ACTION NETWORK (LAN) for inspiration and connections to tackle your biggest leadership challenges.

LAN meets for a breakfast once every month with a different topic and speaker each time. Each session goes through our JumpShift DIAGNOSE - INSPIRE - YOUR ACTION process which cements learning with each attendee walking away with clear actionable goals.

Some of our previous topics have included Leading Agility, The Future of Leadership Development, The Change Equation, The Power of Coaching, Tackling Leadership Gremlins, Kindness, Mindfulness, Storytelling for Leadership, Resilience for Change, Design Thinking For Leaders, Team Effectiveness, Leading Through Purpose and Leveraging Social/Digital Media for Leadership. 

In 2020 we've got another awesome lineup of speakers and breakfast sessions in the works. We've also put together a LAN package where you can get your tickets, in advance, for a heavily reduced price. Check this out down below and stay in touch on upcoming sessions here

Purposeful Storytelling Masterclass

FRIDAY 31st July 2020

Public speaking is a skill set which needs to be nurtured and developed along with storytelling techniques. When combined they provide a powerful strategy which is guaranteed to have a positive impact on achieving communication that resonates. This will be both a contextualising presentation plus a participatory element, applying the learning gained and exploring new ways of doing, failing and succeeding. This Leadership Action Network Breakfast will cover:

  • Why story is still king
  • What personal qualities to amplify
  • Where TED/TEDx gets it right / wrong
  • Which body language techniques resonate
  • How to communicate without saying a word


As a Creative Producer, DK crafts delicious learning experiences for clients and is the TEDxWellington / TEDxWellingtonWomen licensee, plus the founder of the Creative Leadership NZ conference. He’s also a Speaker Coach, working with CEO’s and senior executives plus a random ex-All Black and Dame thrown into the mix. 

Previously, DK founded Mediasnackers and through it has over a decade of working in the social media space consulting / delivering training on five continents and to a cross-sector range of clients from UNICEF, Gates Foundation, BBC, Ubisoft, Hasbro plus spent time as a social media manager for a national education company in NZ. He also established Collider, a city-wide programme focussed on transforming Wellington into an internationally recognised Smart Capital (with 200 events in 14 months with over 5000 attendees averaging quality rating of 4.2 and above (out of 5)).


Desiree Botica, CEO of Sysdoc has been attending JumpShift's Leadership Action Network from it's inception. Check out what she has to say about the value that these sessions hold for her. 


  • BENEFIT: Every event provides direct benefit
  • ACTION: We will build our success and network through doing worthwhile things, not just talking
  • ACCOUNTABLE: We hold other members of the Leadership Action Network accountable to do what we say we will

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