Why Vertical?
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Learn to Fish
"Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he will[...]
Is learning to say ‘NO’ the key to success?
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Compassionate Leadership Starts with Self Compassion
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Riding a Bike
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A coach at hand 24/7
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Agile Leadership
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The Broccoli Challenge
This weeks insight: I started out as an Engineer. I believed that if something works then it would work out.[...]
The Peak-End Rule
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Balance, integration or equilibrium?
This week's insight: Balance, integration or equilibrium?   - This insight is a question that I'd love some input on.  We[...]
The future of work
This weeks insight - the future of work Kaboom! The book 'Homo Deus - a brief history of tomorrow' by[...]
The opposable team
This week's insight: Last week we 'incubated' top leadership development professionals from a range of New Zealand companies and abroad. [...]