We start from the premise that everyone can improve. Think of the best performing people that you have ever worked with. Do they stop learning and improving? Probably not. This means there is always a gap between what people and organisations are achieving today and what we could be achieving. We believe this is a gap worth closing. How? Take action. You learn from what you do. Even better, take smart action.

Smart action is well planned, informed by reality, research and reflection. Actions on their own are no silver bullet. But make taking smart action a habit and the wins outweigh the misses. It becomes a tidal wave. You and your organisation become more adaptable and achieve even more.

This is why JumpShift exists. We provide the tools and frameworks to inspire smart action, change your mindset and make it a habit.


We are leaders in blending group facilitation and cutting-edge technology to get results at any scale. We get people in a habit of applying content to inspire action that improves how they, and their organisations work. This delivers a culture of self-led improvement creating adaptive people and organisations.

Our core methodology of D-I-Y (TM) drives this approach.

We have combined two different ideas from two different fields.

The first relates to huge amounts of recent research on behaviour change - how people best develop and how they improve their own performance.

The second relates to a more business-orientated systems approach and draws from the productivity improvement revolution, as seen in Six Sigma, Lean, Theory of Constraints and Agile programming. These build on the idea that a business is a system of connected events and to really improve its performance you need to solve root-cause problems. For example , if we strengthen any link other than the weak link in the chain - the chain won't get stronger, and companies are just the same.

What you end up with is training that develops and improves people and simultaneously improves your business performance in tangible ways.


With our productivity program, participants save on average two hours per day. Think about this for a moment, and imagine if you and your teams had two more hours every day.

The leadership programme gets the same results: 94% of participants are rated by their peers to have dramatically improved their leadership skills. Again, imagine what this could mean for your business.

The JumpShift programme has been life-changing for me – I have more time at home and my team is now rated in the top 15% globally for engagement scores.

ParticipantJumpShift Leadership Programme

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