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LAN meets for a breakfast once every two months with a different topic and speaker each time. Each session goes through our JumpShift DIAGNOSE - INSPIRE - YOUR ACTION process.

Some of our previous topics have included Mindfulness, Storytelling for Leadership, Resilience for Change, Design Thinking For Leaders, Team Effectiveness, Leading through Purpose, Leveraging Social/Digital Media for Leadership. 

our next breakfast session

We have a few tickets remaining to our next LAN breakfast presented by Warren Mara from Sysdoc, details and link to register below.

LAN 22: Imagination and play in the corporate world : FRIDAY MAR 10 2017

If you were asked to design the perfect learning environment for children, would it include jungle gyms, things to make, things to break, things to inspire, and be one in which social bonds thrive and trial and error is encouraged? Having designed your perfect child's learning environment...how does that compare to the learning experiences you see at work?

In this session we will look at the use of gamification and play in the corporate world, why itmatters for your organisation (and your own wellbeing!) and how you can get more of it. We'll be making games for real corporate needs, discussing how to shift from 'talking about', using games to making your first prototype, exploring basic techniques for design and development (no tech-heads required!) and looking at recent examples of play and game design for corporate needs.

Warren is an enthusiast for innovation in adult learning, pulling on methods and technologies from non-learning industries and childhood education to get great results in the professional adult world. A Sysdoc learning specialist for the past 12 years, he has applied this approach to learning with clients both in NZ and the UK, seeing great results in learning engagement and gaining industry recognition in the process. A big fan of gamified learning, the use of video in learning and a blended learning experience, he is always looking to adopt technology and methods from outside of traditional L&D sources.

This is going to be a great session, and please remember we have limited spaces. SIGN UP HERE

LAN principles

  •   BENEFIT: Every event provides direct benefit
  • ACTION: We will build our success and network through doing worthwhile things, not just talking
  • ACCOUNTABLE: We hold other members of the Leadership Action Network accountable to do what we say we will

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