Southern Cross Healthcare needed energised leaders who can lead the organisation in a rapidly evolving and challenging environment.  They wanted to create a culture of leadership and innovation rather than singular leaders. 

We partnered with them to configure and deliver a co-branded programme that will eventually reach all levels of leadership within Southern Cross.  Two cohorts of 15 Tier 3 leaders (reports to Exec), and ten cohorts of Tier 4 leaders have completed their programme and the results have rippled throughout the organisation.  From the frontline to executive team Southern Cross has noticed increased engagement levels, higher participation, faster decision making, reduced ‘red tape’ and an increased sense of energy and potential.  Leading Edge is considered a major success story, and we are currently running another two groups concurrently at Southern Cross.




  • As an outcome of the first two groups of Leading Edge, the alumni identified the need for the business strategy to be refreshed engaged the executive team, and a combined Executive and Senior Leaders Strategy Day was designed and delivered by JumpShift. The revised strategy was then presented to the board and ratified.
  • The success of the Leading Edge programme has also seen additional programmes developed for Sales Leaders (Influencing Edge and Negotiation Win-Win). These programmes are now running.
  • JumpShift co-facilitates the programmes with internal people and over time ownership of delivery will transfer to Southern Cross. This will reduce external costs and strengthen the internal ‘ownership’ and eco-system around the programme.


Having completed other leadership courses, I have found Leading Edge incredible. The 70 20 10 approach is absolutely appropriate and the tools offered are very insightful. The key to my success has been Don and the people I've completed this with. I think this will become an incredible network

This programme has greatly improved my confidence as a leader and awesome opportunity to work with others across the business I wouldn't normally interact with. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the programme and the method our facilitator applied. I have gained a lot of insights and value from the share and reflect sessions. It has provide me with the knowledge and the tools to be a better leader and be more confident in being a leader. I now enjoy leadership.