We create an environment of change. Access customised support and build your professional skills with JumpShift to grow as a leader. 


JumpShift's professional skills development inspires you take charge of improving core professional skills essential to advancing your career and improving the effectiveness of your workplace. The aim of developing your professional skills through JumpShift is to improve behaviours, practices and workplace productivity.  The essence of this model is to get you to repeatedly take action around areas that are meaningful to you within each professional skill topic, i.e. things that give you immediate benefit and payoff.  In the process you will develop enhanced skills in the areas you choose to focus.


Another core component of the JumpShift model is that it focuses on application of best practice/new information rather than the information itself.  You are encouraged to take inspiration from a number of information sources.  This is more of a problem solving development process where you choose what is relevant to you.

We help you enhance your professional skills by combining what you and your people already know they should be doing with a root cause problem-solving approach to learning. We bring best practise to life as you and your people take action and dramatically improve the fundamentals of how you work.


  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Effective communication
  • Effective writing
  • Effective meetings
  • Leading and working in teams
  • Impact and influence
  • Our Snackables Coaching Conversations which include experiences such as: 
    o Leading / handling change
    o Resilience
    o Goal setting

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