Open Leadership Development Programme

Develop with other leaders

Hungry to develop as a leader? Frustrated with the relentless pace at work? Want choice about how and when you develop? Get connected with other like-minded leaders who want to learn at their own pace and join our Open Leadership Development programme. The programme includes a full-day workshop (Thursday 28 March), followed by five modules on the Adeption platform, group share + reflect sessions and a celebration event. Additionally you will remain connected in a learning community via Adeption.

Connect in with like-minded people and develop yourself as a leader.  Immerse yourself in this experience and take the next leap in your career to become a better version of yourself both in your personal and professional life.

Developed as an alternative to the bespoke leadership programme that JumpShift offers partner organisations, you'll have the opportunity to focus on personal growth, building confidence and overcoming self-doubt all while in the presence of other individuals who are on the same journey. 

Stay accountable to your personal development plan with regular check in's during your six month journey on the Open Leadership programme. 

Key Takeaways

By participating in the Open Leadership Programme you can expect the following outcomes:

  1. Personal leadership insights and tools that you can use to stay accountable to your actions 
  2. A new understanding and appreciation for yourself 
  3. Identified opportunities and ways of working smarter, not harder 
  4. An action plan based on learning insights and a new professional community to support you in your evolution.





Designed with Vertical Development at its core
Access the latest leadership thinking
Find out how smart leaders avoid change resistance


Be part of a powerful movement
Leverage the power of social connection and the latest behaviour change technology


Plan mindful deliberate actions
Supported by a coach and our Adeption technology

  •  A TASTER...

        The programme package includes:

  • A full-day workshop with our experienced facilitators
  • Five workouts on our Adeption technology platform - covering leadership, leading yourself, leading people, leading processes, leading change. The platform acts as an online coach, providing thought-provoking questions, reminders, and access to 100's of micro-learning tools you can use in your day-to-day work.  
  • programme toolkit of notes + links to research
  • A completion celebration event!

"Going on the Open Leadership development programme really does give you the best opportunity to work on goals and define actions for yourself. You work out ways to move forward in a really empowering way but also ways to give you good meaningful change, working on things that are important to you and what you want to focus on and achieve. To me that’s the biggest advantage."

2018 programme participant


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$699 per participant

Discounted and early-bird rates apply - contact us for details.