Inclusion and Diversity Incubator

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Here’s an exciting opportunity to collaborate with a diverse group of leaders in I&D to create and accelerate the new best practice in the field. As we see it, there has never been a more potent time to lead and make headway in I&D within our organisations, communities and across New Zealand.


Theresa Gattung
Theresa's bio here


Susan Brady
Susan's bio here.

20 March 2018
8:30 - 4:30
Victory Convention Centre

In New Zealand, we are poised to lead the world in the attainment of more equitable and (as a result) higher performing workplaces. We all have a shared challenge to create transformative change off the back of the current movement worldwide.
With this in mind we want to do our part in this and are pleased to announce we are taking an initiative to bring the community together.

We are offering places to a limited number of forward thinking non-competitive organisations to participate in the first JumpShift I&D Incubator for New Zealand. 

Keynote speakers for this event

To elevate this event, we are excited to announce that Theresa Gattung (Leading New Zealand businesswoman, author and & philanthropist) and Susan Brady (EVP from our partner global development firm LINKAGE INC. in USA, researcher, author and speaker on advancement of women and inclusion globally), are supporting this incubator and will be attending as keynote speakers to contribute to the Inspire section of the day.

what will the day involve?

This opportunity will involve 12 – 16 influential and passionate representatives from our best companies. Participants will collaborate to diagnose and plan smart action to create sustainable change.

The day will include;

  • Introduction and networking
  • Collaborative activities to stimulate thought and identify opportunities
  • Key note speakers who are leading this field
  • Inspiring research and shared insights
  • Formation of community of learners focusing on building inclusive cultures within organisations
  • Key activities and actions supported by our Adeption technology platform.

The programme is built on the principles of JumpShift’s game changing D-I-YTM framework, supported by the Adeption Platform to create lasting and meaningful change as we recreate best practice together. 

Participants will leave with... *

  • Inspiration and greater shared knowledge
  • * Having shared and enriched the I&D movement for New Zealand
  • * A meaningful plan of action
  • * Being part of a community of experts with whom they will remain connected
  • * A opportunity to continue to shape best practice for I&D in New Zealand in future events. 


Want to find out more? Get in touch with Wanda or Don.

$475.00 per participant (discounted rates for two or more participants from one organisation).