Inclusion + Diversity Incubator

The I+D incubator was born out of an idea to create the opportunity for a diverse group of leaders to collaborate and accelerate new best practice in the workplace. 

We have a number of exciting half day workshops in the pipeline with a different keynote speaker and topic each time. Participants collaborate to plan smart action through sustainable change with each session using our JumpShift DIAGNOSE - INSPIRE - YOUR ACTION process. As well as the half-day in person workshop we host two online share and reflect sessions which enable leaders to share with their workshop peers the ideas and actions they may have implemented in their organisations. 

Our first Incubator session on Cultural Intelligence was run in late August with much success. Next up - Gender Diversity!

Our next incubator session


Participants will leave with...

  • Inspiration and greater shared knowledge
  • Having shared and enriched the I&D movement for New Zealand
  • An understanding of the benefits that I&D programmes and initiatives can provide in the workplace
  • A meaningful plan of action
  • Being part of a community of experts with whom they will remain connected
  • An opportunity to continue to shape best practice for I&D in New Zealand in future events.

Coming up...

Inclusion + Diversity Incubator:  Gender Diversity 
29 November 2018