Genesis Energy Leadership Development Programmes 


We have a deep and growing partnership with Genesis Energy.  Having co-designed the Frontline Leadership Programme with Genesis Energy we have since delivered our fifth cohort of this programme.  

We have also co-designed a Tier 3 level programme (reporting to Executive team) for 40 leaders called ‘Leadership in Action’. This consisted of a blended programme with a two day residential workshop completed up front, followed by a five module programme on the platform.  The duration of the programme was nine months, and had four two hour breakfast booster sessions during this period.  The topics for these sessions were flexible and agreed with the client. 

In 2018 JumpShift kicked off a 'Leadership Everyday' programme for Genesis Energy leaders in Auckland and Hamilton. 40 leaders attended a 2-day workshop to diagnose their current leadership goals, work through relevant tools and activities and take an action that was relevant and important to them. The in person workshops were followed by a virtual share + reflect session to re-align participants to their goals and share insights gained from applying set actions. 






  • Over 150 leaders have graduated from JumpShift's Genesis Energy Leaders Programme. 
  • 95% of participants would highly recommend their experience on the programme
  • Two day workshops with virtual follow up share + reflect sessions to engrain learnings
  • Upfront consulting period followed by co-delivery and partnering of roll out to ensure capacity, consistency and continuous improvement of quality.
  • Adeption platform.  Configuration and use of Adeption to provide workshop follow up. Just in time access to tools, visibility of action plans and journals, on-going access to workshop outcomes for participants.

Fantastic facilitation and lots of fantastic tools gained to use in work professional and personal life!

My confidence has grown tremendously from when I first started the programme.  Have got to meet some great leaders, great group of people.  Learnt so much and will continue to do so with tools given.  I will only improve from here.

The programme was well run and was a very open environment. Can't wait to see other leaders have this great opportunity!