Foodstuffs Leadership Programmes


Foodstuffs wanted a self-leadership programme for frontline and TOP leaders that delivered demonstrable value and spoke in their language. This involved engaging leaders pre and post the face-to-face workshops to further their learning and development. Foodstuffs sought a provider who could demonstrate they could 'walk the talk' and be credible within the foodstuffs environment. As a partner, JumpShift did this by developing a governance structure and process that monitored participant uptake focusing on developing leaders growth mindset and resilience, allowing for adaption and change. 

JumpShift co-designed the self leadership programme with Foodstuffs to ensure it addressed the core challenges and opportunities leaders were facing. This involved running a pilot group to find out what worked out well and what could be better improved on to deliver the best possible workshop to Foodstuffs leaders. 

This year JumpShift has continued a deep and strong relationship with Foodstuffs through the roll out of the 'Presenting with Impact' and 'Leadership Accelerate' Programmes which focus on frontline leaders and owner operators.




  • Two new programmes starting in 2019 - Presenting with Impact and Leadership Accelerate 
  • Focus on growth mindset and adaptive people within the Foodstuffs family
  • Regular governance calls with sponsors and managers in the programme to ensure participant support and success
  • Adeption platform booster. Ongoing digital learning builds habits, allows social collaboration and support, and sustains the ongoing development and learning community.
  • Over 200+ leaders have graduated from a Foodstuffs leadership programme

Offered a lot of food for thought, raised a lot of things for me to take into consideration moving forward as a leader.

I learnt so much through going to these courses. I now am comfortable in releasing some of the control to my team and allowing them time and space to answer for themselves and fix issue's without my input. Also giving them that freedom has allowed them to really step out of their comfort zones and take control for themselves. 

I liked how the WHY of different activities was talked about as we went through the day. Everything we did had a link back to the WHY. Awesome, and a great example for others who lead meetings/facilitate etc.