We provide a customised consulting solution tailored to the individual needs of you or your organisation. We have extensive experience in working with small, medium and large organisations to develop their leaders and would love to partner with you to make your strategy a reality.


Strategy Sessions

Participants walk away motivated with what is possible and a clear blueprint to implement practical approaches with their own teams to create engagement, empower their people, generate ownership supporting performance and agility. Using the latest design thinking & polarity management to clarify strategic direction setting and alignment. 

Presenting with Impact 

Ensure you and your leadership team are set up for success, where they are operating strategically rather than ‘doing the doing’ and therefore bridging the performance gap. Work with your leaders and take action to learn, adapt, build confidence and perform more efficiently.

Sales Capability 

Sales is the key to achieving big ambitions. In sales you own the customer, you solve the issue, you bring in the deals, and you grow our customers. Enhance your skills and accelerate your development. Invest in your team through more training, more support and more coaching.

Vertical Incubator 

The challenges leaders face have changed and we need a new kind of leadership to elevate our impact and effectiveness. Vertically developed leaders are able to think more systemically, see the long-term possibilities, embrace challenges from multiple perspectives, and lead as interdependent collaborators

Design Planning

The design of a programme seeks to enable participants some flexibility with their learning, at the same time ensuring that real behaviour change is driven through accountability loops and shared learning with their leaders and team. JumpShift employs a three stage process. 

Team Facilitation

We are experts at designing and facilitating processes that improve the performance of organisations through people. We're also able to design and run sessions to resolve team conflict. We focus on inspiring smart action and accountability that leads to learning, positive habits and results, supporting the development of leaders.

We'd love to find out how we can work with you or your organisation.
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