COVID-19 Response


The impacts of Covid-19 across all sectors in New Zealand and the world has been unprecedented and through this we all want to look after our health and wellbeing, our families, our people, our customers and our cash flow. 

In moving through these extraordinary times we recognise that you and your people are adapting to a new normal that will be unfamiliar and somewhat challenging. In response to this, we have put together a series of virtual workshops delivered by experienced JumpShift facilitators and coaches that will focus on the immediate needs and obstacles you're facing to help come out of this situation in a stronger position long term.

We want to do our bit by sharing the knowledge and tools we have in the leadership development space to support you and your people in moving forward with the best 'toolbox' that you can have at hand. 

Kia Kaha,
The JumpShift Team


Snackables is a micro-learning concept developed by JumpShift that involves high impact, short, sharp workouts to take immediate action. This series of Snackables workshops in response to Covid-19 will be delivered virtually by our facilitators and run for 90 minutes. Choose from a range of topics below that we can deliver specific to your needs and people. If you'd like to find out more about Snackables and how we can help you please email Don McVeigh ( or Mark Watkins ( for more information. 


Learn to lean into and lead through a VUCA environment. Prepare, don’t panic. Focus on the key actions that your team and people can execute now that will put your organisation in the best possible position coming out of these chaotic times. Make it your new normal.


Learn how to best support your people and teams to ensure that each team member is aligned and has a common understanding of what's expected from each other. Explore tools that will help you have effective, focused and enjoyable team meetings. 


Learn tools to minimise and build resilience from stress in a changing environment. Focus on what matters most and learn to recognise stress triggers that will enable you to respond to a situation before impact is felt.


Prioritise your ‘big rocks’ and keep on track in these chaotic times. Control what you can and employ tools that will ensure each team members are is accountable and working toward a common goal.


How to lead well in these unprecedented times. Learn how you can best support your people to be a guiding force through uncertainty. Use tools to establish a stable and positive environment for the psychological safety of your people.


Set yourself, your team and your organisation up for success to come out from Covid-19 leaner, stronger and well placed for what the future holds. Understand what you can do now to be in the best position possible when navigating your new normal. 

If you'd like to find out more about Snackables and how we can help you please email Don McVeigh ( or Mark Watkins ( for more information.