Invest in a short breakfast/lunch session for your team or organisation to grow and develop. 'Deep Dive' into a specific topic and walk away with key takeaway actions that you and your people will stay accountable to.


Have a conference or big group you need facilitation for? We're able to meet your needs. JumpShift specialises in deep dive breakfast/lunch sessions (two to three hours) around focused areas of interest. The aim is to provide a varied and enriched learning experience for your leaders, giving them access to current thinking from world experts in a highly relevant and engaging way. We and our network of partners such as Nick Petrie ( and Carl Sanders-Edwards who are able to deliver these sessions. 


  • Developing ourselves in complex environments – understand drivers of vertical development with Nick Petrie from the Center for Creative Leadership.
  • Personal health and nutrition for leadership effectiveness.
  • Design thinking for leadership.
  • Leaders Coaching capability – develop leaders coaching skills to unlock the potential of your people and increase their performance.
  • Organisational network analysis – map and understand our own informal networks at work and how to improve them for better outcomes.
  • Building resilience in a complex and changing environment.
  • Leading change that sticks.
  • Purposeful leadership.
  • Mindfulness for leaders.
  • Other topics and global experts are available to create a customised topic focus of strategic importance/value to your organisation. 

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