Auckland DHB Leadership Development Programme


JumpShift is currently partnering with Auckland DHB in delivering a Leadership Everyday Development programme. Auckland DHB sought to appoint a provider to design, build and deliver a programme to develop their leaders. The design of the programme is based on integrated solution provision, demonstrable impact, provider’s skills and experience. 

This programme was co-designed with the Auckland DHB, and is being delivered to Provider Directors, Clinical Directors and Tier 3 operational leaders.  A pilot group was run to co-develop the content and approach, which has ensured the programme is meeting the needs of the participants, and delivering results for the DHB.  The programme is being rolled out in waves consisting of four cohorts of 15 per wave.  We are currently delivering wave six.






  • The main leadership programme consists of an initiate session where leaders and participants connect and gain an overview of the programme as well as identify some key organisational drivers (FROM - TO) to focus on through the programme. There are four modules within the programme; Personal Leadership, Leading people and teams, Leading together, Lead and sustain change
  • These modules are held over a four hour duration, and have been sequenced to match shift patterns to support attendance and minimise organisational impacts.  In addition to the modules a celebrate/graduation event is held where the participants share what they have learnt, provide examples of applying these learnings and commit to their ongoing development.
  • The participants also form into ‘coffee groups’ where they connect and share their learning experiences throughout the programme.  This has proven to be very valuable and enabled the participants to learn from each other, but more importantly start to develop relationships with leaders from other areas of the organisation helping break down silos and work together on systemic issues.


“We have been working in partnership with JumpShift on the design, development and facilitation of our leadership development programme (LDP) following their successful appointment from a request for proposal process.

All representatives from JumpShift engaged in the design, development and facilitation of our LDP have been knowledgeable, flexible, easy to work with and generous with their time and expertise.  JumpShift have been responsive and understanding of the leadership challenges and specific constraints to health and designed practical and engaging solutions.  They are well organised, have delivered on time consistently and communicate well in all aspects of our partnership.

They're high quality people (as consistently rated by our participants) and are a skilled group of facilitators and 360 feedback coaches.  JumpShift also bring their platform which has facilitated asynchronous learning and built a knowledge portal for our leaders to access at any time both sharing their learning and facilitating learning from each other. 

JumpShift have well developed partnerships within the Centre for Creative Leadership and local 360 suppliers enabling access to reputed research and experts increasing our programme quality, integrity and impact.  This has also offered opportunities to progress our HR strategy outside of the LDP. 

While still in the early days of measuring impact we are seeing the LDP having a positive impact on individual leaders, their teams and working together to achieve our goals and vision.  It is also having a positive impact shifting our culture with higher awareness and consistency in living our values and continuing our journey to be a sustainable, high performance organisation, known for quality and safety which attracts and retains exceptional talent so that we fulfil our purpose and vision for the people of Auckland and New Zealand.” - Fiona Barrington, HR Change Director at Auckland DHB