Air New Zealand 'Leadership Everyday' Programme


JumpShift was selected as the primary partner to help co-design and deliver The Air New Zealand Way of Leadership - 'Leadership Everyday'.  JumpShift partnered to help create a truly effective and powerful development process centred around Diagnose - Inspire - Your Action (DIY)TM aimed at over 1,200 leaders (1000 completed to date) - a process that produces real leadership behaviour change as opposed to 'the messages staying in the classroom'.  In doing so we partnered with external design agencies, internal and external facilitators and internal business leaders who co-facilitate the workshop sessions.






  • Over 150 of the initial participants have been re-evaluated (light 360) and over 90% show significantly improved and sustained performance against the Air New Zealand leadership behaviours.
  • 100% of participants would highly recommend their experience on the programme
  • White labelling.  Partnering to preserve the best of the JumpShift method and content with the unique needs of Air New Zealand.
  • Five leadership everyday behaviours ingrained in every workshop session and 'context' for each self-determined development action that all participants take after each workshop (four cycles to build a reflective and action learning habit).
  • Upfront consulting period followed by co-delivery and partnering of roll out to ensure capacity, consistency and continuous improvement of quality.
  • Adeption platform.  Configuration and use of Adeption to provide workshop follow up. Just in time access to tools, visibility of action plans and journals, on-going access to workshop outcomes for participants.
  • Air New Zealand senior leadership team members open every programme sharing their own leadership journey and message (related to the organisation).  This is enhanced by a senior leader co-facilitating every group.
  • One up leaders’ engagement.  As with all JumpShift programmes all participants’ one up leaders are engaged in the programme - experiencing a slice of the process and themselves committing to actions they will take to support their persons’ development.


This programme has enabled and provided some fab tools for me to utilise as I grow in my role as a leader.  And I now have the skills and knowledge that I can share with my staff and my fellow colleagues.

Overall enjoyment was sharing insights, learning from others experiences. Great course - networking and learning other leader’s issues was valuable.

Exceeded my expectations - lots of new resources and great opportunity to connect with others outside my immediate area.