Leading In Complexity

By Carl Sanders-Edwards

Apr 23

We used to say that work was VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous).  We told people this and tried to wake them up. The truth is only some of the work out there was VUCA. Lot’s was stable and predictable. Here, the rewards were, rightly so, for people and leaders that:

  • Conform to norms and rules
  • Master tasks and built and expertise
  • Achieve goals and standards

In 2020 this all changed. Everyone’s work now is VUCA. It’s clear our world is entering a creative rebuilding phase. From goo to growth (hopefully). It doesn’t matter if the curve is up or down – it’s all ruled by uncertainty. Uncertainty is up, complexity is up, risks and opportunities are also up.  Now the rewards are for people and leaders who:

  • Are purpose driven and question of the status quo 
  • Generate personal and system transformations 
  • Combine parts to expand the possible and create new reality

These are the leadership mindsets required to thrive in the years coming. Mindset’s drive behaviours and behaviours drive outcomes.

How do you know the mindsets your people operate from? What is your mindset or that of your senior leaders, do they have the leadership DNA that is needed?  Do you have hidden gems in your organisation?  Would you like to develop mindsets so all your people can thrive?

We need to be digging deep into: 

  • Better matching of people to roles
  • Uncovering the ‘gems’ in hiding we all need to play bigger roles
  • Targeted and scalable mindset development for everyone
  • Get unstuck and develop by seeing how people on your developmental edge solved the challenges you face

JumpShift and Adeption have been doing some work in this space with the Vertical MIndset Indicator (VMI) assessment. In as little as 15 mins with advanced AI leveraging 40 years of research in Adult Development, VMI allows you understand you and your peoples current mindsets. More on this HERE


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