What is Leadership Coaching All About?

By James Burroughes

Jan 27

Recently, we’ve had a lot of questions about how leadership coaching works and what a partnership between coach and coachee might look like. Here’s the lowdown!

Usually 1:1, leadership coaching creates a relationship between two individuals in which one person (the coach) partners with another (the professional being coached) on the professional skills and behaviours that will boost their effectiveness and impact as a leader. It’s like having a personal trainer at the gym who can observe your form and technique but in a leadership context.

Anyone may engage personal leadership coaches, or their organisations may hire coaches to work with their employees. You or your organisation might engage a coach upon starting a new job or ascending to a leadership position in an existing company, or at any other point in your career. A coach may work with clients for weeks, months, or even years. Many of our coaches have longstanding and deep relationships with our clients.

The beginning of a coaching relationship normally commences with the establishment of goals and outcomes for the individual. These can be combined with organisational goals that the individual wishes to contribute to or developed towards.

What does leadership coaching look like?

Your coach may use a variety of methods to help you realise your leadership potential. The specifics of the approach will vary according to their particular professional coaching style and previous experiences. 

The Jumpshift coaching approach involves the DIY methodology we are known for.

We work with clients to Diagnose the challenges and outcomes they are facing, and what is currently working well.

We then Inspire you through sharing of best practices, tools and insights which lead you towards Your Action. This is where you make a commitment to try something new

We like to encourage all coachees to approach new things like an experiment and see what happens. Then there’s the chance to reflect on that change and see what worked and didn’t and how you will act next.

Some other common areas that leadership coaching supports include:

  • Frequently meeting with leaders for established sessions to discuss plans and issues
  • Gathering and analysing data on behaviours and those within the organisation, including the performance of managers and team members
  • Offering guidance and support and addressing specific and general concerns
  • Providing tools and resources, such as learning opportunities, technology, and reading materials
  • Assisting with the setting and carrying out of goals
  • Offering professional feedback on skills and progress

If engaging a coach for yourself or your people is something you’ve been thinking about, we’d love to connect in with you. Flick us a quick email at info@jumpshift.co.nz and we’ll set up a no obligations 30-minute chat with you to better understand what you’d like to achieve and how we could walk alongside you to get there. 

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