The Power of Artificial Intelligence

By Carl Sanders-Edwards

Oct 30

Find out how we’re using AI.

The wing nut wouldn’t budge. My fingers were raw from trying to turn it and I had no tools.  How to open this thing? I paused and scanned for insights that might help. Got it. My old friend Simon once undid a hex head screw by using the slot of a kitchen spatula. The grill on top of a storm water drain beside me had slots like a spatula! I pushed the wing nut into the slot then twisted, voila it was open!

This story outlines the process and power of a colliding perspective to open a new pathway and expand your capacity to deal with a situation. To work, colliding perspective need to be;

1 – similar to you on some dimensions

2 – dissimilar to you on some dimensions

Similarity helps you engage and not dismiss it as crazy.  Difference turns this engagement into novel neural pathways and new thinking. Simon and I had similar challenges but I needed his fresh perspective see the grill as a tool.

Adeption is the online coaching platform we use at JumpShift. This new generation AI leverages these processes to provide powerful job and developmental support for our users. Here is how it works:

  1. It models the situation you are facing – the model is gleaned from how you answer reflective questions
  2. It matches this situation to a model it creates for each of our content tools and each action-insight from other users
  3. It suggests the tools and insights that ‘fit’ best for your situation – similar context, dissimilar insight
  4. You then improve this further through your own new unique action and insight creating potential new inspiration for the next user(s)

Curious about how our AI tech could fit in with you or your organisation? Reach out here or check out the video below for a better idea of what it looks like in practice.


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