A Coach At Hand 24/7

By Margaret

Apr 03

This weeks insight:

People get lost, anxious and stuck with tricky challenges all the time – i.e. I’m stuck in knowing how to respond to some feedback. These challenges are generally people and communication based rather than technical. There is an assumption you should already know how to deal with them so asking for help is hard. Good help is hard to get – coaches or mentors aren’t available at all or in the moment. One way content doesn’t help (video’s courses etc) – it’s not relevant and doesn’t ‘unstuck’ thinking

Ideally you would have a great mentor / coach to ask and talk it through to get a clear plan of action so, ‘bingo’, you are off and running.  Even better, the mentor/coach will follow up with you afterwards to reflect on what happened  so you not only get moving again but also ‘develop’. 

However most of the time most of us don’t have this coach or mentor so remain are stuck,ruminating and worst – stressed.

Now you have Snackables.  You have 24/7 access to critical moment dependent coaching conversations. Each one is led by world experts in the challenge you are facing to help untangle your thinking, get you fresh ideas and guide you to make a plan to deal with your challenge, all within 10mins.  Even better you get to benefit from how 1000’s of other leaders like you dealt with similar situations.  It’s potentially better than a coach (sorry team:)!  In a pickle with any of these situations?

I don’t have time for this, I’d rather not have this conversations, Work is stressing me out, I need a breakthrough idea, I’ve got feedback to give, I’m not sure how to decide

We’ve got you covered!  More coaching conversations from more experts coming all the time…

Thanks for reading!

Carl @JumpShift

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