The Peak-End Rule

By Margaret

Nov 01

This week’s insight:

The theory behind it is about fixing pits and then building peaks – not endlessly fixing small potholes. Why? Well it turns out that people only remember key moments about experiences. Generally these are the peaks (or pits) and the end. Delighted is better than satisfied.

For an interesting read look into some of the founding research regarding how this relates to procedures such as colonoscopies! Think of the now, this concept can help in the work that you do….

– Running a workshop? Design to have a truly epic moment and finish on a high.

– Supporting customers? Surprise them with a ‘remarkable’ moment, like …… (fill in the blank).

– Designing software? Give it a jaw dropping feature and be sure to show everyone.

– Running a team meeting? Share something unique from each person.

Give some of these ideas a go! Let us know how you get on in actioning these principles whether it be in your work, personal life or both!

Thanks for reading!


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