Balance, Integration or Equilibrium?

By Margaret

Oct 25

This week’s insight: Balance, integration or equilibrium?


This insight is a question that I’d love some input on.  We work with 10,000’s of people and nearly everyone talks about being busy.  To much on, never done, overwhelmed, no balance.  We face it ourselves!  Personally I think a lot of it is due to technology making it possible for us to do, consume and initiate so much more.  Now the mandate is on us to restrict what gets on our plate and we don’t know how to turn off the tap!  However, let’s say that isn’t the case.  You are genuinely busy, have a big project to nail, travel, an event to train for.  How do you deal with it?   We give inspiration that falls into roughly three buckets:
  1. Seek balance.  Don’t overwork or overplay.  Blend busy time with quiet time every day and every week.  This sits well with our ‘development is a iterative process’ school of thought.
  2. Integrate.  Balance is a trade off.  Don’t work but relax.  Integration instead says look for ways to do both.  Practice your leadership, network, get involved in the community all at once by coaching your kids team.  We most often mention this method as an inspire idea
  3. Equilibrium.  A new one I’ve learnt and been mulling.  Don’t fight the fact that sometimes you need to go deep with some aspect of your life.   Accept it, but make sure you return things to equilibrium when done.  Away travelling for work?  Then take the afternoon off to cook the family dinner when back.
What do you think? We’d love to hear some of your thoughts!

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