Reflecting on August

By Margaret

Sep 06

August was a big one for us!

Sitting back and realising that we’re only four months away from the end of 2018 is a big shock, time has absolutely flown by! We’ve had some spectacular moments here at JumpShift so far this year and last month was no different.

Our biggest highlight was Carl Sanders-Edwards, founder of JumpShift and the New Zealand leadership development platform Adeption, ringing in the NASDAQ stock exchange bell to celebrate his graduation from NASDAQ Milestone Makers. The prestigious 12 week programme mentored business leaders from around the world with the aim of accelerating company growth. As part of his graduation Adeption’s logo was displayed in Times Square which was a really rewarding moment for both Carl and the JumpShift team as we were able to see all our hard work come to fruition.

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We’ve also had some great defining moments in New Zealand!

The team have been busy running a number of self-leadership programmes across the country and we’re well on our way to meeting our goal of impacting 1million leaders!

We had our second I+D session in late August with Shireen Chua as our keynote speaker. Our Inclusion and Diversity incubator is a one day workshop with online share + reflect sessions aiming to grow a movement of taking smart and meaningful action in the workplace. This workshop was all about facilitating a better understanding and application of Cultural Intelligence in New Zealand organisations. Participants spent the day diagnosing the current state of Cultural Intelligence and explored how it has the potential to develop in our workplaces and communities.

We have our next incubator coming up in late October on the topic of engaging the c-suite for anyone interested! This will be an exciting opportunity to collaborate with other like minded leaders.

and to top it off we finished the month on a high with our Leadership Action Network breakfast on the topic of ‘Kindness’ with Melissa Crawford as our guest speaker. Friday morning was definitely an inspiring one to say the least. Melissa shared her own personal stories on kindness and how much of an impact even a small act can have on our work colleagues, loved ones or complete strangers! The breakfast worked out to be the day prior to ‘Random act of Kindness’ day which meant Monday morning in the office was filled with hearing some heartwarming stories on the acts of kindness our team did or received from others over the weekend.

That’s all for the month of August from us here at JumpShift! We hope to keep these updates regular and keep on sharing some of the exciting stuff we get to do!

Thanks for reading!

The JumpShift Team

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