Prevention not cure

By Margaret

Sep 04

This week’s insight:

Last week’s design session with one of our clients really struck me.  Our focus was on helping develop a leadership mindset in people before they get in ‘formal’ management roles.  The empathy work we did highlighted people who are hungry, bright eyed and hopeful for the future.  Contrast this with what we often get when profiling ‘managers’.  They are often stuck and in over their heads with expectations and beliefs about ‘leadership’ that need tweaking.

We can help prepare these future leaders by building mindsets and skills before they need them.  This is our vision of democratising leadership development in action. Prevention not cure.

This raised another insight.  If leadership is for everyone, a mindset and act, not a role, then everyone can be supported to build their leadership.  So let’s start with us.  What would help you take more leadership?  Is it, inspiration, conversations, reminders, tools, ….?  Please share your ideas!

Quick updates

LAN.  We had another successful Leadership Action Network breakfast in NZ on the topic of ‘Kindness’ with Melissa Crawford as our guest speaker.  Over 40 people clearly inspired and acting and in the words of Spark ‘Little CAN be huge’.

Our client design sessions were a success – it was cool getting this note to finish the week.   “Dear Adeption team,  What a terrific experience we had this week!  Through your masterful facilitation, insights of what emerging leaders need, and future thinking around methods of development, we jump-started the journey toward creating an innovative and impactful experience. We are thrilled to move to the next steps.”

Our awesome team in India is putting the final touches on another Adeption release.  The star of the show is the smart new machine learning algorithm.  This is the first step in our upgraded use of Artificial Intelligence to truly help people, be better.

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