Ringing in the bell! Adeption graduates from NASDAQ Milestone makers.

By Margaret

Aug 17

Adeption in lights at Times Square, New York

Big Milestone!

Carl Sanders-Edwards, founder of JumpShift and the New Zealand leadership development platform Adeption, rung in the NASDAQ stock exchange bell to celebrate his graduation from NASDAQ Milestone Makers this week.

The prestigious NASDAQ Milestone Makers 12-week programme aims to mentor entrepreneurs like Carl to take their business to the next level and accelerate company growth. Along with twelve other highly talented individuals from all over the world Milestone Makers helped these entrepreneurs to set, reach and celebrate key moments in their enterprises.

Carl sums up the wealth of knowledge he gained over the twelve weeks as “The Milestone Maker programme is a real turning point for Adeption. It has given me the opportunity to bring together an in-depth funding strategy that will enable the company to gear up for our next stage of growth.”

The leadership development technology that Adeption has introduced into the market is set to revolutionise global leadership development, in particular seeking to democratise leadership coaching.“It’s like having a pocket leadership coach. Leadership training is no longer just for the board table or those reaching the peak of their careers. Adeption makes it accessible to anyone at anytime.” said Carl.

“The technology is a world first – no one else is doing anything quite like it. One of the key differences is that through Adeption people are acting on their leadership development rather than just absorbing information. It’s more of a ‘fit bit’ approach to leadership development – learning through doing.”

Current Adeption’s clients, including four US Fortune 500 companies and leading New Zealand companies Southern Cross Health Society, Foodstuffs North Island and 2degrees, bear testament to the extraordinary technology this young start-up company has brought to the learning and development market.

“We moved in 2017 to see how Adeption would go in the US. The market here is a $17 billion industry – the biggest global market for leadership development.” said Carl. “It was a big leap but it is paying off. We’re now in a position to really capture our share of the market. ”

With the speed in which our Adeption platform has grown over the last couple of years, graduating from the NASDAQ Milestone Makers programme is another spectacular moment in our journey to make leadership development accessible to anyone at anytime.

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