Inspire Smart Action Series

By Darshan Doshi

Jun 19

JumpShift exists to inspire smart action. People we work with take smart action to both improve how they work and lead.

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How do you inspire smart action? Well, we get told time and time again that the best actions are inspired by what others do – peers, colleagues, people in similar situations. Experts, theory, models and inspirational stories all help but the best inspiration comes from people just like you. Makes sense doesn’t it? This is why we want to start sharing what our participants are doing. Maybe they will inspire you? Here is our first set.

Last week I reconnected with a group using our Knowledge-to-Action app. I learned how they were working, leading and living more deliberately. They all benefited and shared great stories. Here are some of them.

Graham is a business professional in the wellness space. As part of his program he was inspired to volunteer for a food bank. A surprise outcome of this action is his professional network is better than ever. Graham also has taken on the Leadership D-I-Y habit of reflecting and pushing himself every day. He is loving how this is creating more space to think and lead.

Amanda wants a promotion and needed to demonstrate her leadership style in a tangible way. Amanda didn’t wait for the promotion, she took a role as a Scout leader and is now feeling confident and in control of the next stage of her career.

Karen has been CEO of her organization for 11 years. She wondered if she still had what it takes or if she had outgrown her organization. Sound familiar? Karen’s insight was just how valuable pausing and reflecting is. She remarked, “I do have what it takes. Reflecting and getting back to basics reminded me what I already know or can easily find out what I need to know. Being mindful of this was my only gap and now I’m more mindful as a habit”.

John is a dream client. John dove head first into his program and took knowledge to action! One of John’s actions was to coach people more on outcomes and allow them to input into the solution to achieve that. He now has a better pool of ideas to work with and the increased buy-in has made execution quicker. “By stepping back and reflecting, then planning and acting I’m sharper. I see more connections. It is now a habit”.

I hope something in here worked for you and inspired some action you can take. There is so much great learning out there. I look forward to sharing the next set. Is there anything great that you have done and you would like to share lately?

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