Adeption Platform

your mobile coach

The  Adeption platform is an innovative product developed by JumpShift.

Adeption platform mimics and improves upon a blend of a human-to-human coaching session and a group facilitated workshop. It's like having a mobile coach on your shoulder.

The system guides participants through a number of configurable modules. Each module takes participants through our research based D-I-Y (TM) process and inspires 'smart action' that the participant is accountable to, These actions deliver results for themselves and their organizations.


how can Adeption help me?

The Adeption platform is...


Everyone in the organization benefits
Unconstrained by time, facilitators and geography


Your organization's culture
Configurable to the topics and content you need


Overcomes the knowing-doing gap
Knowledge is transferred to on-the-job action

key features

Key technology and workflow features that support this process are:

  1. ​DYNAMIC WORD CLOUD: Connects people and ideas around key themes
  2. INTELLIGENT MATCHING: A neural net algorithm connects participants with relevant content from a platform database
  3. ACTIONS & REFLECTION: Participant-selected accountability and peer validation built into workflow
  4. HUMAN INTERFACE: Short snappy video instructions and prompts embedded throughout the process

Find out how you and your organization can benefit from our Adeption platform.